Picking Out Kitty Cat Pet Supplies for Our New Cat

2-kitty-catNow that my daughter is five years old, I have decided that it is really time for her to have experiences with pets. We didn’t want to get a pet for her when she was younger just because we knew that this would make life at home more comfortable. I also worried about how she would treat a kitten or a puppy if we got it when she was a toddler. Having a pet that liked her was more important to me.

Since she is old enough to really be able to handle a pet properly, I have started to work on getting all of the different items that we would need to have a cat in the house. I know that my daughter is already getting excited because of all of the kitty cat pet supplies I have been bringing home. Once we have everything we need, we’ll be able to actually go pick out a cat.

It is going to be wonderful getting a pet that will be the first one that my daughter has ever interacted with. I know that she is going to love being able to play with the new cat and to learn all about it. Having a kitten in the house will definitely be helpful to teaching her how to handle animals.


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