Some Dog Training Toys Help Me to Get My Dog Trained Properly

While I have trained dogs in the past, most of them have been dogs that were treat motivated and would gladly do just about anything that I wanted them to do just for a dog treat. Of course, this didn’t end up working as well when I brought home a dog that just wasn’t that interested in food all of the time. This meant I had to find something else that I could use for motivation.

After a bit of research, I learned that some dogs are not at all motivated by food and that most of these different dogs are motivated by toys or praise instead. This made things so much easier as I was then able to find some excellent dog training toys that I would be able to use on a regular basis. These toys were perfect for motivating my dog to do all of the tricks all the time.

It was so wonderful to finally be able to get my dog doing a huge variety of different things on a regular basis. Having a dog that was willing to really spend time training with me for the reward of getting to play with a favorite toy was something all new to me. I’m surprised by how well this works.


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